When life gives you lemons call your best gals and break out the champagne… It’s time for a ladies day or night the Ooh La Luxe way. From lip treatments, indulgent massages and opulent luxury to glamorous event design, Ooh La Luxe Soirée creates unique experiences for memories that last a lifetime.


Hello Beautiful! Celebrate with your lady loves in sheer luxury, epic fun and superb relaxation before your Big Day! It’s the most charming way to say Thank you for being by my side while indulging in the best self love experience of being pampered and treated like the royalty you are. Let Ooh La Luxe Soirées bring a little slice of heaven to you. Book Us Now.


We are Tanieka (also known as Tink as in Tinkerbell) and Nikeicha (better known as Nickey Love). We are two spirited entreprenuers who met through our spouses. Our individual vision and passion to make everything around us beautiful, connected us and our businesses by the hip and the rest is history….We both love to write, sing, travel, watch “chick flicks”, make all things sparkle and enjoy great food.


“When at first you don’t succeed, just sit down and eat cake and try again”. My name is Tanieka, which carries the African name meaning of “Fairy Queen”. Without knowing the meaning of my name, some have been inspired to call me “Tink” like the well known fairy, Tinkerbell. I guess it makes perfect sense. By nature, I seek out amazing experiences and thrive to share those experiences with everyone I meet. By way of Spa therapy, I have been able to grant the guests of my private spa, an indulgent and therapeutic high, on wellness and life. Life is many things and one thing it shouldn’t be, is taken too seriously. Sit down and eat cake! This message is interwoven into everything I do. I inspire others to live, laugh and love some more. 

Avid wanderlust, addicted to spontaneity, sucker for red velvet cheesecake, obvious spa enthusiast. 


A glass of bubbly or a fruity drink with a twist is always on my drink menu. Hello Darlings! My name is Nickey Love and the color pink makes me invincible. In case you haven’t noticed, I gravitate towards classic and timeless designs mixed with a contemporary feel. I tell LOVE stories and craft meaningful words that convey truthful messages that speaks to the heart, therefore my clients personality and LOVE story will always be seen in every detail I design. I LOVE to give surprises, be a blessing to others and see my clients smile, therefore creating individualistic, tailored events that encapsulates my clients vision is extremely important to me. I believe in true LOVE. Yes! It actually exist. Finding that one person whose hands fits perfectly is not a myth. Life is not perfect but I believe you can create your own fairy tale.   

Avid tea drinker, addicted to (to-do) lists and check boxes, sucker for vanilla rum cake, obvious romance enthusiast.


sheer luxury, epic fun and

superb relaxation

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