Well Hello Loveys! I’m Nickey Love and PINK makes me invincible! As you may already know I LOVE tea and a little bubbly. I’ve recently accepted the title Mixologist because I LOVE to create drink recipes with a twist. Added to that I’m a romantic at heart, a dreamer, a LOVE story teller, I LOVE to teach and I am married to two men who truly thinks they are the boss of me (In their heads right). One is my little Prince and the other is the Hubsy. 

Creativity motivates and inspires me and one way I get to express my creative self is by planning and designing fabulous weddings and events. I’ve been a wedding and event planner even before I knew it was a profession. ​I believe that God is the ultimate creator of all things. I also believe that I was created for a great purpose in life and part of that purpose is to express the gift of CREATIVITY in LOVE, on many different levels. Planning weddings and events is not only my passion, but one of my dreams. I LOVE every aspect of the design process, from the beautiful styled dessert table to the fabulous adorned venue, I LOVE it all.

I feel extremely blessed and humbled that people who don’t know much about me and my work trust me to plan and create some of the most special days of their lives. I believe that life is a precious gift and living a creative, inspiring life is even more precious. I LOVE to celebrate with my clients. I LOVE to see tears of joy and BIG smiles on their special day. I LOVE to see their special event design concept come to fruition. My desire is not only to design and create beautiful events, but also roads, avenues and streets of LOVE, hope and great inspiration, so I can be a blessing to every individual that comes my way. I am extremely humbled and thankful for the gift of creativity and expressing my creative self speaks much volume of who I am as a person.

Growing up I’ve always been told that I’m lovable, full of heart and extremely romantic. The truth is my heart spins at the sound and sight of LOVE; pure, true and genuine LOVE. Yes I am all heart. Not just the left side of me but all of me. My name is Nickey Love but I am also known as The Romance Planner, The Creative Planner and The Pink Heart Planner. This is who I am…

May your LOVE grow and blooms each time your hearts speak. It’s your responsibility to nurture and take care of each other’s hearts so you both can continue to flourish in LOVE forever – Nickey Love


LOVE is the center of everything that we do at Creativity from the Heart. LOVE releases our creative passion; LOVE drives us and allows us to simply create from the heart. LOVE is life and life is a precious gift that we only get to experience once. We are passionate about living a beautiful life. Celebrating and creating inspirational, heartwarming celebrations is what we do.

What do we do? I thought you’d never ask.

  • We produce and direct fabulous weddings and special events with a chic yet creative flair and flawless designs.

  • We perform through the spirit of excellence. Known for our excellent customer service, our level of professionalism supersedes our clients’ expectation every time.

  • We are dedicated and committed to providing creativity with exceptional quality that create smiles, inspire hearts and fulfill every client’s event dream.

  • We believe that every individual is unique and creative in their own way and that is why we provide a warm, comfortable service where our clients can express their own creative ideas and we help them bring their ideas to life.

  • We will plan your special event from start to finish with impeccable attention to details. Creating a memorable, magical, exciting day; a one of a kind experience for you and your guest.

Our goal is to make your planning experience with us fun, exciting, stress-free, creative, educational and inspiring. Our inspiration to create comes from you and that is why your event will be the only event on our calendar for your special day. We are passionate about bringing the event you envisioned to life.

Are you ready Loveys? Let’s Go! It’s time to release your event vision. We cannot wait to stroll with you on your creative journey as you celebrate life’s most precious occasions. Let us use our passion to create and celebrate your special event. You will be happy you made this great investment! Whether big or small ~ It is our dream to see your event vision take center stage on our creative platform.


We believe in true LOVE – LOVE that speaks gently

True LOVE is never a waste of time therefore we believe in classic, timeless ROMANCE. 

We believe in CREATIVITY.

blessings as you embrace

blessings as you embrace

this journey together

Nickey Love